Google said so long to Business Profile Sites

Over 21.7 million websites were booted in March 2024

Yep, those handy free sites they offered small businesses, g.o.n.e. This is actually a golden opportunity to spruce up your online presence.

So, here’s the scoop: Until June 10, 2024, folks clicking on your website link will be directed to your Business Profile page. But once that date hits, it’s lights out – they’ll be greeted with a “page not found” error. Not exactly the impression you want to give, right? Your business might come across as less legit and pro without a proper website.


The gist is: build a shiny, new website you totally control, beefing 🥩 up your local SEO to draw in more folks, and making sure your business pops up beautifully in Google searches.


Plus, you can get creative with landing pages for your ads and redirect any custom domains right to your new site. In a nutshell 🥜, it’s about taking control and giving your business’s online home a major upgrade.

Here’s a friendly guide on handling it:
  1. Create Your Own Website: Step into the driver’s seat by building a site you fully control, preferably with WordPress, to showcase your business your way.
  2. Boost Local SEO: Make sure your new site is optimized for local searches to keep attracting customers.
  3. Update Your Google Business Profile: Add your new website’s link to your Google Business Profile to ensure visitors find your updated online spot.
  4. Craft Landing Pages for Ads: If you used Google Ads, create new landing pages on your website to maintain campaign momentum.
  5. Redirect Your Custom Domain: If you have one, redirect your custom domain to point to your new website, ensuring no traffic gets lost.


And as a bonus, once you’re all set, dive into customizing your WordPress site with themes, essential pages, and handy plugins to make the most out of your online presence. 

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