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How long does it take to build a website?

Demystifying Website Creation

Let's dive in and explore the journey of bringing your digital dreams to life.

Exploring Website Builders

WordPress: Picture this – a platform where you can design, build, and launch responsive websites without coding. That’s WordPress! With its flexibility and integrations, it’s no wonder it’s one my top picks

Squarespace: Need something user-friendly? Squarespace is here for you. It’s perfect for small business owners, bloggers, and creatives, even if it’s a tad less flexible than WordPress.

Understanding Website Types and Timelines

Landing Page: Imagine a digital flyer capturing leads for your campaign – that’s a landing page. Quick to create, typically in just 1 – 2 weeks, these pages are perfect for focused marketing efforts.

Business Website: Your online storefront needs a solid foundation. Expect a timeline of 6 to 8 weeks for a sleek 5-7page business website. It’s like your digital business card – but cooler.

Ecommerce Website: Ready to sell? Strap in for an 8 to 12-week journey. From product pages to checkout, every step matters when crafting your online store.

The Roadmap to Your Website's Birth

Discovery & Website Strategy: Think of this as the brainstorming session where we get to know your business and goals. It’s like laying the groundwork for your digital masterpiece.

Sitemap & Content Collection: Organizing your content is key. We’ll create a roadmap (sitemap) and gather all the goodies – logos, images, you name it.

Website Wireframing & Adding Content: Like the blueprint of a house, wireframes map out your website’s structure. Plus, we’ll finalize the content, ensuring everything fits juuust right.

Website Design: Time to make it pretty! Our design team will whip up some visual magic based on our earlier discussions. Prepare to be wowed.

Two Weeks of Edits: Tweaks, tweaks, and more tweaks. We’re here to make sure your vision shines through.

Development: The building begins! Using WordPress, we’ll bring your design to life, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

SEO Creation & Site Testing: Let’s get you noticed! We’ll optimize your site for search engines and run some tests to ensure everything’s tip-top.

Launch & Training: Drumroll, please! Your website is live, and we’ll even throw in a handy training video so you can navigate like a pro.

Wrapping It Up

Building a website is like crafting a masterpiece – it takes time, dedication, and a touch of magic. Whether it’s a simple landing page or a full-blown ecommerce extravaganza, Belt Creative has your back. Get in touch with our team of experts and let’s make some digital dreams come true!


It depends on various factors, but typically around 6-8 weeks for a basic 5-7 page site going through all the phases and steps (40 – 60 hours)

While possible, it’s not recommended for anything beyond basic functionality.

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Hi Internet friends! Carla here, I Build, Redesign, Fix and Manage Websites for professional entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can build their online presence and increase revenue. Let's get you online!


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