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Should I use WordPress for my business website?

Which is the best platform to create a website?

It's overwhelming by the enormous amount of website builders out there.

We’re going knee-deep into WordPress, one of the most well-known website-building platforms on the web.

We’ll explore features, benefits, and potential drawbacks to help you decide whether it’s the right platform for your website. So, let’s saddle up Apone! 💻

Pros & Cons of WordPress: A Quick Overview


  • Almost free to use
  • Open-source content management system
  • User-friendly interface
  • Extensive library of themes and plugins
  • Abundant support resources
  • Seamless integration with various software packages


  • Not a drag-and-drop builder (however, you can install one ie, Elementor, Divi)
  • Vulnerable to cyber threats
  • Requires basic HTML and CSS knowledge
  • Optimizing Speed Can Be a Challenge
  • Custom solutions may be expensive

Pricing: What's the Damage?

WordPress is free, but the domain (website address) and web hosting are not.  There’s also potential expenses for premium themes and plugins. Here’s a short breakdown:

  • Domain Registration: Typically ranges from $1 to $12.99 per year.
  • Web Hosting: You can find plans start as low as $3 per month, with options to scale up. However, I would not recommend going cheap on hosting. 
  • Additional Costs: Premium themes and plugins may entail one-time or recurring fees.

Navigating the Builder: Building Blocks of Success

While creating a website with WordPress may not be as intuitive as some drag-and-drop builders, it’s in a league of its own when it comes to customization options.

With a point-and-click interface, a smorgasbord of themes, and a vast knowledge base and community, even beginners can whip up a pretty good website.

WordPress’s flexibility allows for endless customization, making it super customizable to your unique business needs.

Cracking the SEO Code: Climbing the Search Engine Ranks

In the web search arena, SEO is king. Luckily, WordPress is inherently SEO-friendly, with features that streamline optimization efforts.

From SEO-friendly themes to plugins for search engine dominance, WordPress helps you boost your online visibility and drive traffic to your site.

Finding Support: A Community of Allies

While a dedicated support team is unavailable, the WordPress community compensates with a wealth of online resources and active user groups. From informative articles to helpful forums and YouTube tutorials, assistance is readily available for those willing to seek it.

Additionally, freelance developers offer their expertise for more complex inquiries, ensuring that no WordPress user is left stranded. Many also offer maintenance and support plans, so you’re never left holding the bag.

In Conclusion: Is WordPress the One for You?

After a thorough review of WordPress’s features, usability, and support ecosystem, it’s clear that it packs a punch.

Ideal for new entrepreneurs and businesses wanting complete control over their online presence, and as the business grows, the website can be easily scaled by adding new features and functionalities.

Final Thoughts

Remember that the platform you choose can significantly impact your online success.

While WordPress shines as a versatile and customizable solution, it’s essential to weigh your specific needs and preferences before going all in. 

Ready to build your website? Let’s connect and explore how this dynamic platform can help build your online presence! 💡

Carla Hansson
Hi Internet friends! Carla here, I Build, Redesign, Fix and Manage Websites for professional entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can build their online presence and increase revenue. Let's get you online!


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