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Tools I use to run my web design business!

Let's take a look under the hood

Occasionally, I'm asked, "What tools do you use on a daily basis?" Here is the lowdown.

Having the appropriate tool stack can have a big impact on client happiness, creativity, and productivity in the fast-paced field of web design.

My workflow is streamlined by a series of tech solutions, from customer proposals to final payments. More than a dozen of the tools I use for projects are listed below.

I. Breeze Doc

Breeze Doc simplifies the contract signing process for web designers. With its user-friendly interface, you can send, sign, and manage contracts electronically, ensuring quick and secure agreements with clients.

II. Keynote

Keynote from Apple is a great tool for making eye-catching client proposals. It provides a selection of modern layouts and style choices that will enhance the impact of your presentations.

You can also include animations and interactive components. Wow clients and effectively express your ideas with Keynote.

III. Reminders, Calendar and Mail

With these three indispensable Apple products, staying organized and communicating has never been simpler.

With Reminders, you stay on top of tasks and due dates and never forget crucial work.

With calendar, you can easily arrange events, block time, and set aside time each day for optimal productivity.

Mail makes it easier to manage all of your correspondence in one location by combining your emails, especially if you have multiple accounts on different platforms. When used together, these apps offer a smooth method of managing your work life, from meeting deadlines to maintaining relationships with clients.

For these features, check out Apple’s native applications.,, and

V. ChatGPT

Introducing ChatGPT, your new brainstorming buddy. ChatGPT offers assistance with many tasks, such as keyword research, website layout creation, writing captivating copy, and idea generation.

Keep in mind that it is an extension of your creativity, not a substitute for it. Instead, think of it as an ever-present creative companion.

V. Sessions

With Sessions, setting up and conducting meetings is a breeze.

You can set up and manage virtual meetings with ease thanks to integrated scheduling and conferencing options, which will help you stay on top of projects and communicate with clients effectively.

Add forms to booking links, register for webinars and customize email templates, just the tip of the iceberg. Checkout out (affiliate)

VI. Milanote

Milanote is excellent for gathering and arranging ideas. I set one up for each client because it’s so simple to use. They can use it to make visual boards on which they can affix notes, photographs, links, and other resources to aid in realizing their ideas.

Because it’s so beautifully presented, I also build up the website strategy and detail the design brief here. It’s a fantastic method to promote innovative collaboration and keep everyone in the loop.

VII. Eagle

Eagle is an aah-mazz-zing tool for organizing your personal inspiration and resource collection.

Eagle allows you to easily locate and utilize the resources you require for your projects by allowing you to save and organize photos, videos, and other types of data. It supports a number of file formats and has so many powerful search features, you gotta check it out for yourself.

VIII. Trello

I love Trello for project management.  It’s a tool that uses boards, lists, and cards to help you keep track of tasks and deadlines. With boards, lists, and cards, you can easily manage projects, collaborate with clients and ensure that nothing falls through the cracks. It’s super flexible and intuitive. (affiliate)

IX. Sketch

Sketch is a powerful design tool specifically built for digital design. It is widely used for wire-framing, UI/UX design, and creating high-fidelity web design mockups. I love the interface and that it’s less complex to use compared to other tools

Sketch offers an extensive library of plugins and integrations, making it a versatile choice for designers.

X. Affinity Designer

Affinity Designer is a professional-grade graphic design software perfect for creating detailed vector graphics and illustrations. It offers a wide range of tools and features that cater to both print and digital design needs.

Affinity Designer is known for its speed, precision, and affordability. It’s a great alternative to Adobe’s illustrator.

XI. Playbook

Need a secure and organized way to store your design files? Look no further than Playbook. It allows you to easily share assets with clients and collaborators, add comments, links and much more! It’s all about keeping things neat and accessible.

XII. Local WP

Local WP by Flywheel is a local development environment for WordPress websites. You can build, test, and debug your WordPress sites on your local computer before going live. 

Local WP offers features like one-click WordPress installation, SSL support, and easy database management.

XIII. WordPress

WordPress is the king of content management systems, and for good reason. It’s incredibly flexible and user-friendly, with a vast array of themes and plugins, making it a scalable choice for any web design project.

WordPress is known for its user-friendly interface and has extensive community support.

XIV. Markup

Markup is a fantastic tool for gathering client feedback. I’ve tried several competitors but keep coming back to Markup. It supports real-time commenting and annotations directly on your designs, making it easy to gather and implement client suggestions. This streamlines the review process and helps ensure the final product meets client expectations.

Clients don’t have to create an account to access the mockup, and it’s very easy for them to use. A win-win.

XV. Stripe

Finally, we have Stripe, the ultimate payment processing tool. It supports various payment methods and currencies, making it easy for you to accept payments from clients around the world. Plus, it’s secure and integrates seamlessly with your workflow.

Honorable mentions: Clockify for time tracking and Loom for recording short explanation video.

So there you have it! Maybe there are some gems in there that can make your job easier and help you move your business forward. 

Carla Hansson
Hi Internet friends! Carla here, I Build, Redesign, Fix and Manage Websites for professional entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can build their online presence and increase revenue. Let's get you online!


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